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ACE Logistics Group Ltd.
Sepise 1
11415 Tallinn Estonia
tel. +372 6401 401
faks +372 6401 408

The mission of ACE Logistics Group (hereinafter Group) is to be the leading provider of logistics solutions in the Baltic region, that:

- Helps its customers to achieve their business goals by offering professional logistics solutions corresponding to their needs;
- Facilitates the achievement of the personal professional objectives of its employees by securing contemporary working environment, in- service training and other development opportunities;
- Supports its business partners in being successful by working for the mutual satisfaction; values long- term business partnerships and stays loyal to them;
- Guarantees the satisfaction of the owners by sufficient long- term growth of company value.

The company should ensure persistent satisfaction of the owners, employees and customers of the company through its activities.


The overall target of the company is the steady increase of its value. The raise in value is primarily assessed by the focus on long- term stable growth (turnover), profitability (cost- effectiveness) and return on equity:

- The growth in consolidated net sales shall exceed the average level in the market and reach two times the general economic growth of the area;
- Net profit margin shall be at least 5% annually;
- Return on equity is at least 30%.

The financial goals can be achieved as the result of natural growth. At the same time the company is open to the possibility of acquisition of other firms.



  • Management
    ACE Logistics Group is a holding company of logistics firms operating in the Baltic countries. The holding company is involved in management and concentrates on defining the Group’s overall strategy, ensuring the optimal allocation of resources as well as adding value by utilizing the synergy effect of the Group.

    The companies of the group work independent of one another. The business interactions of the companies of the Group are based on general business principles.

    The strategy of the Group determines the avoidance of competition between the companies of the Group.

    The holding company creates additional value for the owners by the following actions:

    - Developing and revision of the corporate strategy of the Group;
    - Development and improvement of the common identity of the Group’s companies;
    - Regular participation in the strategic management of the Group’s companies by councils’ memberships;
    - Coordination of financial information and securing the exchange of it between the owners, the Group and the companies of the Group;
    - Coordination of the auxiliary activities of the companies including accounting, IT, quality and personnel management, purchasing, marketing and other activities with the aim to achieve synergy and optimal utilization of resources;
    - Ensuring the exchange of know- how and personnel resources among the companies of the Group when necessary;
    - Participation in the creation of the development plans of executives.

    The management of the companies of the Group is decentrally performed by the managements, the authority has been delegated to them and the attention is centred on personal initiative and responsibility. Each of the Group’s companies creates its own strategy in accordance with the overall strategy of the Group.

    The prime competitive advantages of the companies of the Group are:

    - Operations in carefully selected fields along with dedicated specialisation in them;
    - Active sales and marketing policy;
    - Effective production;
    - Innovation, IT solutions;
    - Flexibility, ability to change swiftly


  • Personnel
    The objective of the Group is to recruit the best employees and insure their long-term dedication. It is achieved by offering the employees a regularly renewed performance-based motivation system, advanced training and development opportunities as well as career opportunities within the Group.

  • Services
    ACE Logistics Group renders the following services:

    - Air-, sea- and road freight forwarding;
    - Customs brokerage services;
    - Warehousing and distribution services;
    - GSA services for airlines;
    - Cargo handling services for airlines;
    - Real estate development (as necessary for core activities).

  • Domestic Market
    The domestic market of the Group covers the Baltic countries. The Group is open and prepared to penetrate markets in the neighbouring areas in cooperation with partner organisations.

  • Strategic Liaisons
    The Group values highly persistent business relationships with cooperation partners and remains loyal to them.

  • Infrastructure
    Considering long- term development objectives and strategic partnerships the constant development of infrastructure is crucial.