ACE Logistics Group AS including all subsidiaries (further referred as ACE Logistics or ACE), considers data entrusted by the clients as a valuable asset and respects Personal Data security requirements established by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national laws.

Companies of ACE Logistics Group apply all reasonable safeguards and precautions to prevent unauthorized access, misuse or loss of data.

What Personal Data is collected by companies of ACE Logistics Group

ACE Logistics collects, uses and processes data that is required to deliver services requested by customer or that is mandatory according to law. Some of this information may identify directly or indirectly a natural person, thus is regarded as Personal Data. Collected Personal Data can include, but is not limited to: name, address, contact phone, e-mail address, identification numbers, login names and passwords.

Personal Data collection and processing outside the scope of fulfillment of contract or law is based solely on a person’s explicit consent.

Personal Data is collected, stored and processed in following cases:

  • Upon request, to deliver information about available service options and conditions;
  • To render logistics services and lawful obligations on behalf of customer, ordered by customer;
  • To process customer’s payments or establish credit;
  • Upon request, to provide access to ACE Logistics e-services to customer;
  • To request a feedback on delivered services for quality assurance purposes;
  • To improve the quality of ACE services both online and offline and to manage customer’s relationships;
  • Based on a customer’s consent, to provide latest information and updates about ACE services and activities via newsletters and e-mail alerts.

Personal Data may be collected in active and passive way. In both cases ACE Logistics follows the principles of data minimisation and purpose limitation established by GDPR. The Personal Data is not stored longer than it is permitted legally.

Active data collection

Active collection of Personal Data may occur via e-mail exchange, phone calls, fax, forms submitted by user on ACE website or other appropriate means. Customer voluntarily discloses Personal Data needed to fulfill the contract.

Passive data collection

ACE Logistics utilizes means of automated website visitor tracking to improve ACE online services and make website content more relevant to visitor’s needs. During every visit to ACE Logistics website, some data (i.e. webpage navigation patterns, location and device information) is passively collected and stored using cookies.

ACE Logistics company websites use cookies (own and third-party, i.e. Google Analytics) as a mean of collecting browsing data. Cookie is a small text file sent to visitor’s browser by a visited website. It helps the website to remember information about a visit, including preferred language and other settings. Non-personalized information of ACE Logistics website may be accessed without cookies. Limitations may apply to customer’s password restricted areas. Visitors can adjust cookie settings in their browser.

ACE do not profile individual users based on their behaviour and activity. All collected data is used in aggregated state.

How ACE Logistics processes Personal Data

Personal Data received from customers or international partners during the fulfillment of obligations under the contract is used solely within the scope of the contract, following the principle of purpose limitation. Contact details provided by a customer may be used for conduction of customer satisfaction or feedback survey based on consumed services.

Disclosing Personal Data to third parties

To provide logistics services under a contract with customer, ACE Logistics may transmit the Personal Data of involved parties (i.e. name, address, phone number, e-mail address) to affiliated or partner companies located either within or outside of European Union.

Due to the nature of logistics and customs services ACE Logistics may be obliged by law to provide customer’s Personal Data to government authorities in countries of departure, destination and/or transit countries to expedite the shipment to the destination.

Transmitting Personal Data to third parties within or outside EU, ACE Logistics follows the data minimality principle, disclosing as little Personal Data as is required to fulfill the obligations of a contract or to comply with legal obligations. In other cases, person’s explicit consent is requested.

ACE Logistics utilizes multiple trusted third-party service providers to improve the quality of ACE services and for marketing purposes. External service providers are prohibited from using any disclosed Personal Data for purposes not specified in this policy.

Links to external websites

ACE Logistics websites may contain external website links. Those a provided as a convenience to ACE website users, potentially offering useful information to visitors. ACE Logistics bears no responsibility for the content and privacy policy of these websites. Please use with caution.

Right of access by the data subject

ACE Logistics strives to keep Personal Data in its possession accurate and up to date. In accordance with GDPR a person has a right to get overview of his Personal Data, that is submitted to and processed by ACE Logistics, a right to update, correct or stop the unlawful processing of his data as well as a right to be forgotten, where it does not contradict the law. To exercise these rights, please send your application to ACE Logistics Group e-mail: Application will be processed within 30 days.

If a person has given consent to subscribe for ACE Logistics alerts and newsletter, this consent can be withdrawn at any time by using corresponding link in the footer of every ACE Logistics newsletter.

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